The Grand Prize winner, Dema, eagerly awaited Keith Urban's arrival steps away from the iconic golden lion in the main lobby of the MGM in Las Vegas. Dema is from Jacksonville, FL and she not only won her trip to the iHeartRadio Music Festival by listening to WQIK, but she was also selected as the Grand Prize winner to take a dream ride with Keith Urban down the strip in Las Vegas!

PHOTOS: Keith Urban performing at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2013

Keith Urban made his grand entrance pulling up to the MGM valet in a sharp looking white Lamborghini Aventador. Upon entering the MGM he was immediately mobbed by fans. Keith signed a few autographs and took some selfies with the crowd while he made his way towards the iHeartRadio winner.

Keith finally connected with Dema and her husband where she appeared a little nervous. After exchanging pleasantries, security cleared the way to the doors and they hopped in the Lamborghini. The engine roared as they took off down the Las Vegas strip flanked by highway patrol to clear the way.

The ride for Dema and Keith lasted about 20 minutes and ended up backstage at the MGM. This is when Keith took some time to take photos with the winner and to chat with her and her husband.

"It was so much fun, I loved it!" Dema commented after the ride. "I was very nervous because I'm a shy person but I had a great time."

This is surely a Dream Cruise that Dema will likely never forget.

Photos: Todd Owyoung for iHeartRadio