Apr 5 - Geezer's Blog - The Truth About Popular Food Hacks

The Bottom Line: The truth about a few popular Internet food hacks.

The Full Story:

While scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest, you probably see all kinds of things you want to cook. Some grab us with the headline, that this two-ingredient dish is life-changing, but is it all just hype? We don’t want to waste our time finding out if these food hacks are worth it, but we’re glad other people did it for us.

Hack 1 - Put it in the toaster: If you’ve heard that you can make a grilled cheese in your toaster by turning it on its side, don’t do it. You could end up with a fire instead. People also claim you can pop a slice of sweet potato in the toaster for a gluten-free toast option. But after eight runs through the toaster, it was just disappointing, not delicious.

Hack 2 - Two-ingredient wonders: The Internet loves two-ingredient creations, and some aren’t bad. These banana pancakes that just have mashed banana mixed with two beaten eggs get a thumbs up, with a sweet banana flavor and good texture.

Hack 3 - The microwave miracle: Have you seen those yummy-looking mug cakes on Pinterest? They look better in those photos than the actual microwaved “mug cake” turns out in real life. This instant gratification isn’t worth it and there’s a reason cakes are baked in an oven.

Hack 4 - Trade in the eggs: Have you heard about aquafaba? It’s a fancy name for the water left over in a can of chickpeas and people use it instead of egg whites in pastries and meringues. And this hack actually works. When these testers put the aquafaba in a stand mixer for 15 minutes, it turned into the proper white cream with stiff peaks, just as promised. Mixed with sugar and vanilla and baked, it created perfect meringues, crunchy on the outside and airy in the middle. And we’ve just been dumping this stuff out all this time!

Source: Philly.com

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