Chainsaw Massacre has town on edge

This has one town freaked out. A modern day 'Chainsaw Massacre' - this time the victims are trees.

Police are hot on the trail of a mystery tree feller who has cut down tons of trees along a picturesque stretch of the River Thames in Surrey, England.

The “chainsaw massacre” culprit has struck up to 30 times and is believed to be operating under cover of darkness.

The trees are all healthy and have been cut down along a two-mile route between upmarket Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge. The motive remains unknown.

Some of the victim trees have great meaning. Christine Elmer of Walton South says that some of trees that have been assaulted were planted in memory of loved ones.

Here's a little of what we all think of when we hear 'Chainsaw Massacre'