Teacher's Dictionary Of Slang Terms Goes Viral

Throughout generations there have always been clueless adults who just don’t understand the latest slang terms the kids are using, and if you have to be around them every day it is probably a bit unbearable. Well, one teacher sought to remedy that and his solution has now gone viral online. 

A Twitter user recently shared a screenshot of a document created by her sociology professor, which translates the meaning of current slang terms, whichhe calls “Callahan’s Generation Z Dictionary.” The document contains a green column with words like “sis," "spill the tea," and "snack,” along with a yellow column with his attempts to define them.

The teacher in question is actuallyJames Callahanof Lowell High School, who tells “USA Today” he created the spreadsheet in order to better connect with his students. “I often overhear students in the hallways or my classrooms using words (or) slang terms in their personal conversations," he says. "In order to understand them better, (and) make a connection with them on a personal level, I started asking them what certain words meant." 

  • Well, after the student shared Calahan’s spreadsheet in instantly went viral, receiving 300,000 likes and about 93,000 retweets. Lots of folks praised him online for his dictionary, while others offered up some words he should be adding.Check out the reactions below...and here's a recapped list:

Here are his list of latest words and what they mean:

  • High key– very obvious
  • Hop off– mind your own business
  • I’m dead– that was amusing
  • Low key– not very obvious
  • Mad mad/big mad– very mad
  • No cap– I’m serious
  • Opp– snitch
  • Pull up/come through– an invitation
  • Put someone on– getting someone into a trend
  • Rashing– making fun of someone
  • Real one– someone you trust
  • Run that– to start
  • Secure(d) the bag– receiving money
  • Sis– exclamation of disbelief
  • Slaps– of high quality
  • Slay– do really well
  • Smacks– a tasty treat
  • Snack– a person who looks good
  • Stay up– you’ll be ok
  • Sus– suspicious
  • Take the L– willingly make a sacrifice
  • Tea/spill the tea– gossip
  • Tight– extremely mad
  • Tweakin– overreacting
  • Source:USA Today

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