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*LIST* Best Fast Food Soft Serve

Summer is unofficially underway and that means ice cream season has arrived. But when you want to get your soft serve fix, not all restaurants are created equal. Some give you a watered-down swirl on a cake cone, but others do it right and that’s where you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. PopSugar did the research and ranked the major fast food chains with soft serve ice cream so you can avoid a drippy disappointment.

6) Burger King - Be sure to ask for extra napkins because their soft serve is more like cream and the cones crumble quickly, so it’s a big mess waiting to happen.

5) McDonald’s - The soft serve at Mickey D’s is thicker and less likely to drip, but it tastes “more like frozen whipped cream than actual ice cream.” And everyone knows that the McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken about 70% of the time anyway.

4) Chick-Fil-A - For one thing, it’s not ice cream here, it’s “Icedream.” This dessert doesn’t have enough fat in it to be considered ice cream, but it’s got a “near-perfect consistency. The downside to the lack of cream is they load it up with sugar, but it tastes good.

3) Dairy Queen - This soft serve isn’t actually ice cream either, it’s a “frozen delight” because it contains only 5% butterfat instead of the minimum 10% to call it ice cream. So it’s got more sugar as well, but a delicious, nearly drip-proof consistency.

2) Wendy’s - Their iconic Frosty is creamy, rich, and thick with a milkshake-like consistency, and it’s fantastic, but it’s not a traditional soft serve cone.

1) Sonic - They recently upgraded their soft-serve cone to a Double Stuf Oreo cone, which comes in a chocolate cookie cone with sweet Oreo creme drizzled inside and more Oreos crushed on top. It’s not really fair to compare that to the other plain soft serve options, but it does make Sonic the big winner here.


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