Summer 2020 Projects: Bookshelf in my office

Hello, hello!

It's time for another Summer 2020 project update! This project was actually a bookshelf that I built for my office at home!

I have been working from home since mid-March due to the coronavirus and had to get my office space converted into a semi-production studio. I got a microphone stand and some padding for the walls to help the echo when recording commercials and doing my show in the mornings. I also needed more space to organize all my stuff. I've been holding off for the last couple of years organizing anything that's been in tubs since we moved into our house. Well, now I have the storage!

I built the shelf using black steel pipe that you can get at Menards or Home Deport in Minot. Yes, I know it's expensive compared to other pipe, but I like how it looks when decorating! I built my computer desk the same way by using black steel pipe and pine boards. Instead of staining pine boards for this go around, I just bought a big slab of shelving board and cut it to the right size.

I am still putting my stuff on my shelf (like my LEGOs when I was a kid, books and other nerdy stuff), but that will eventually be completed. I just have to watch out for the cat! Our cat, Kooper, loves to knock stuff down on shelves because that's what cats do...

Summer 2020 will be done before you know it (NOOO!!!), but I still have a few projects that I would like to get done! With that...on to the next project!

-Kyle Dean

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