Stupid Criminals 2/2/17

Cartwheeling teacher charged with indecent exposure:

If you're planning on doing a cartwheel at any point, you should also plan to wear some undergarments. A substitute teacher in Pawhuska, Oklahoma did a cartwheel in front of a high school choir class, but apparently - wasn't wearing anything underneath her skirt. She has since been arrested and charged with indecent exposure. Oops. Source: Associated Press

Police commissioner all smiles after domestic violence arrest

The fact that Township, New Jersey Police Commissioner William Regan was arrested and charged with assaulting his wife is alarming. Perhaps more unsettling is the fact that 52-year-old Regan is all smiles in his mugshot. He's accused of "grabbing (his wife) by the arms and pulling her to the ground and causing injury to her arms and knees." Regan will head to court next week and will probably be a less smiley then. Source:

Mayor charged with disturbing graves:

Bill Milbrand is the mayor of Shamokin, Pennsylvania and thanks to a questionable construction deal, he's being accused of disturbing graves. Milibrand allowed construction crews to cover more than a dozen graves with dirt in order to place a cell tower at the back of the cemetery. Now, he's facing 14 felony vandalism counts along with lesser charges. Ironically, Milbrand hoped the cell tower could generate $900 to $1,200 a month, which he said would be used for cemetery upkeep. Source: Associated Press

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