Feb 13 - Geezer Blog - One of my clocks and Pasta Facts

A new week begins and the weather forecast is calling for high temps to be in the upper 30's to low 40's all week. That should help diminish the snow on the ground.

With warmer temps I am spending more time in tne late afternoons and weekends in my shop. I do a lot of scroll saw work. I make clocks, wildlife scenes and other interesting stuff. I do have samples of my work on my website www.thescrolltroll.com.... check it out sometime. One of the many clocks is shown below. This is the Tower of Whisler Clock. The pattern is from Wilckens Woodworking

Tower of Whisler Clock

The Bottom Line: Delicious facts about pasta!

The Full Story:

  • China does everything better than you. They even ate pasta over 7,000 years ago.
  • We know China is better than us but…the Etruscans? They also made pasta before Marco Polo – in fact, as early as 400 B.C.
  • In the 1200s, the Pope set quality standards for pasta. We always knew pasta was the food of the gods.
  • Thomas Jefferson brought macaroni to the United States. This was arguably his greatest contribution to our nation.
  • October is National Pasta Month. Don’t worry – so are all the other months.
  • The United States consumes over a billion pounds of pasta a year. This is enough spaghetti to circle the Earth nine times. Cooking it required enough water to fill 75,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. No wonder America has an obesity problem.
  • There are more than 600 different pasta shapes. You are personally expected to try all of them.
  • In 18th Century England, the word macaroni meant “perfection” or “excellence.” This is why Yankee Doodle called his cap “macaroni.” Contrary to popular belief, he was not wearing a hat made of macaroni.
  • In Italian, macaroni means “dearest darlings,” Stelline means “little stars,” and Capelli d’angelo means “angel’s hair.” The Italians are in a serious, committed, and loving relationship with their pasta.

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