Mar 13 - Geezer's Blog - National Napping Day

The Bottom Line: This year, March 13th is Napping Day! 

The Full Story:

This year, March 13th is Napping Day! This day was created in 1999 by Boston University professor William Anthony and his wife, Camille. Napping Day is an unofficial holiday set aside to help people adjust to Daylight Saving Time and to promote health and productivity benefits of napping. That’s why the date varies to allow for when the first Monday after the “change” takes place.

After losing an hour of sleep by "springing forward," people are more sleep-deprived and find it easier to nap. Scientists say that mid-afternoon is a time when many people experience a slump in alertness, especially after a poor night’s sleep. But research shows that it’s totally natural for us to take a mid-afternoon nap – so DO!

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