Tobacco Compliance

The Minot Police Department conducted tobacco sales compliance checks at every locally licensed tobacco retailer in the city on 03/18/17.

We are excited to announce that all 34 licensed businesses PASSED these checks, resulting in 100% compliance by refusing to sell to our volunteer minors sent to attempt to purchase tobacco products.

These compliance checks of licensed tobacco retailers are required by Minot Code of Ordinances which also provides for the lawful utilization of youth volunteers for this purpose. Had any violations been discovered, Minot Code of Ordinance also provides the following legal and administrative consequences:

 - Selling Tobacco to a Minor carries a $50 fine for the clerk. 

- The business issued the tobacco sales permit would face a civil penalty according to the following schedule. Within a 12 month period:

1st offense $100 penalty

2nd offense Tobacco License suspended for 7 days

3rd offense Tobacco License suspended for 30 days

4th offense Tobacco License suspended for 1 year

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