Mar 24 - Geezer's Blog - National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

The Bottom Line: Learn more about raisins and grapes.

The Full Story:

  • A raisin is a grape that gets dried out in the sun. Don’t you wish that all foods could be similarly improved?
  • It takes more than four tons of grapes to make a ton of raisins. The real question is – is it worth it?
  • Raisins in the U.S. are graded. They can be declared Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, or Substandard. Wouldn’t it be the saddest thing to be declared a substandard raisin?
  • First introduced as Uncle Sam Cereal, Raisin Bran is the most patriotic of breakfasts. It was separately invented by 312 different cereal and grain companies. Truly a cereal that belongs to everyone.
  • Scientists did an experiment to see whether monkeys had a sense of justice. They taught two capuchin monkeys to do a task: giving rocks to a researcher, and rewarded them for completing it correctly. However, one monkey was rewarded with grapes, and the other monkey was rewarded with cucumbers. When the cucumber monkey realized that somebody else was getting grapes for the same job, he began throwing rocks at the researcher. (You can see the experimental abstract here and the video here.) Even monkeys know that cucumbers are rabbit food!


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