Apr 7 - Geezer's Blog - National Beer Day

The Bottom Line: Fun facts about beer!

The Full Story:

  • Humans have been brewing beer for 8,000 years ever since they began cultivating domesticated grains. So don’t worry – you can hop in your time machine and go enjoy a pint almost anywhere!
  • The most common variation of beer? American lager.
  • Want a patriotic drink? Some beer types that originated here in the states are American pale ale, Pennsylvania Porter, American IPA, steam beer, amber ale, cream ale and Cascadian dark ale.
  • The Prohibition of the early twentieth century forced most American breweries to shut down. There was, however, an increase in Speakeasies.
  • A majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a local brewery. Do you know where yours is?
  • Yuengling recently topped Sam Adams as the #1 craft beer.
  • The Puritans who first settled America were suspicious of water, which often had bacteria in it and made them sick. They therefore fed their babies beer.
  • Jerome Valcke, the secretary general of FIFA, insisted that Brazil make a law allowing beer sales at the World Cup, despite the high death rate. Watch John Oliver’s sketch about it.
  • Want to celebrate? Here are some good options!
    • Drink a great beer with some good pals.
    • By your buds a beer!
    • Try beers from other cultures

Thank your bartender and brewer!

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