SRT Transitioning Wireless Subscribers to Verizon

SRT Transitioning Wireless Subscribers to Verizon Wireless


SRT announces today that we are transitioning wireless phone customers to Verizon Wireless. Contact SRT with any questions, we will make this as easy of a change for you as possible!

To answer some of the most frequently asked questions today: We understand there are concerns about coverage. We want to assure you that Verizon has already begun improving their coverage in the area and will continue to do so. We are working with them utilize SRT towers where possible.

* You may be able to keep your phone! If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, stop into SRT Connections or our Headquarters office on North Broadway and we will unlock your phone at no charge.

* There is no rush! Verizon is providing exclusive offers to SRT customers through July 15th.

* Find out more at We have also sent a letter to all current customers regarding the transition and their account.

Minot, ND – SRT Communications, Inc. announced today that it is discontinuing its retail wireless cell phone operations. SRT has offered wireless phone service to the region for nearly 20 years and cites changes in technology and customer demand as factors in the decision. The transition to Verizon Wireless will allow SRT subscribers to have 4G LTE coverage, access to the latest phones available, access to the nation’s most robust national coverage, and the reliability of the #1 wireless provider in the market. 

Steve Lysne, SRT CEO/General Manager stated “We were at a critical point with our wireless cell phone network. The opportunity to offer our customers Verizon service provides our wireless cell phone customers with a premier wireless experience, provides us with greater financial flexibility for the cooperative, enhanced operational efficiency, and innovations that will benefit our customers in the long term.”

SRT is pleased to provide customers an opportunity to participate in an exclusive promotional offer from Verizon Wireless that will run through July 15, 2017.  SRT wireless cell phone customers are encouraged to take their phones to any Verizon store or Verizon agent to take advantage of these offers. Verizon representatives will be available to discuss customer options, upgrades, and plans as well as work with SRT customers to keep their phone number. 

SRT wireless cell phone customers will be receiving a letter explaining more about the transition including a fact sheet answering frequently asked questions. They can also visit

It is important to note that this change affects our wireless cell phone service only.  No other services that SRT customers currently receive will be impacted by this change.

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