Teens Raise $110,000 To Fight Hunger

He’s only 17, but for the last two years, Aidan Ryan has managed Feeding Clark County, a campaign that raised $109,960 and 8,500 pounds of food for food banks in Vancouver, Washington. And now as he’s stepping away from the project, his little sister, Erin, is taking over for next year.

Aidan has been helping those in need since he was a kid. He went on service trips abroad, but after volunteering with the Clark County Food Bank, he realized how much poverty there was in his own community, so he decided to focus on helping locally instead.

"A food-and-funds drive of this size, especially a food-and-funds drive done by students, is just unheard of," said Matt Edmonds, program manager at the Clark County Food Bank. He says it doesn’t just help families, it inspires other students to get involved, too.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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