McDonald’s worker gets unexpected thank you

When people pull into a drive thru for their morning cup of coffee or egg McMuffin there’s a good chance they don’t even pay attention to the person taking their order, and the same probably holds true for the employee about their customer. But that’s not at all the case in Mahomet, Illinois.

Regulars at the local McDonald’s have only great things to say about Trina Williams, who works the drive thru, and loves to chat with the customers, asking only that they smile and have a great day. "Trina is the nicest person I've ever met," restaurant manager Heather Dick says. "She has the biggest heart. I wish we could clone her, and have multiples of her."

Trina is so good at her job she often recognizes her customers just by their voices, and even knows quite a bit about the people she waits on daily. And all those customers are certainly thankful for what she does and they wanted to do somethign nice for her. Customer Beki Riley created a Facebook event page expecting that a few regulars may want to chip in and get her some flowers or maybe a gift card, but so many people have been touched by Trina that it quickly grew.

The customers found out she was living at a motel, supporting six kids and trying to save money for an apartment so they decided to help her out. They collected more than $1,000 for Trina, and have set a goal to try and up that to $5,000. They also plan to stick with their original idea and give her small tokens of appreciation as they pick up their drive thru orders next week. Click here for more info on helping Trina.

Source: Illinois Hope Page

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