Moms donate to mother being treated for cancer

All too often we hear about mothers blasting other mothers on social media about things they’ve done, so it’s really nice to hear a story about moms coming together to help out another mother in need. 

Photographer Sarah Murnane recently found out that her good friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was looking for a way to help her out in any way she can. When Murnane, founder of The Australian Breastfeeding Project, realized that treatment would mean her friend would no longer be able to breastfeed her six-month-old baby she came up with a plan.

Murnane put out a call for breast milk donations and the response from local moms was overwhelming. In fact, she received so many donations she had to create a separate Facebook page just to manage them and one day later Murnane had enough to fill a deep freezer, that Murnane’s group had donated. And within four days they had almost 12 gallons of milk, with more expected to come in.

As for how her friend is doing, Murnane says that while she’s obviously having a tough time she is “extremely grateful” to all those who are helping. While she’s sad she can no longer breastfeed her son herself she’s “relieved that she could give him the next best thing.”

Source: Babble

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