May 18 - Geezer's Blog - National Visit Your Relatives Day

The Bottom Line: Quick facts about the modern American family.

The Full Story:

  • In 1960, 37% of households included a married couple raising their own children. More than a half-century later, just 16% of households look like that.
  • Today, the median age at first marriage is 29 for men and 27 for women, the highest in modern history.
  • Today, an American woman, on average, is expected to have 1.9-children, compared with a total fertility rate of 3.7-children in 1960. Current levels are below the “replacement rate” of about 2.1 children, the number of births needed for children to replace their parents in the population.
  • More babies are born to unmarried mothers than ever before.
  • Families today are more blended and “differently constructed.” Nearly half (44%) of young people ages 18 to 29 have a step sibling. About half as many (23%) of those ages 50 to 64—and just 16% of those 65 or older—have a step sibling.
  • Families today are differently constructed and vary in ages between couples.
  • Intermarriage among people of different races is increasingly common. In 1980, just 7% of all marriages in the U.S. were between spouses of different race or ethnicity.


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