Girl Raises Money For Kids With Vision Problems

When Ella Osborne was just a few weeks old, she was diagnosed with an abnormality in her eye - an amblyopia known as lazy eye. But because her doctor caught it early, she got the help she needed. The Beaverton, Oregon tot wore corrective patches over one eye and got her first pair of glasses at two years old.

Last year when she was seven, Ella realized some kids with vision problems can’t afford to get the help they need, so she started working with the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation and has been helping to raise awareness for their cause. She even spoke at a state senate hearing this year to help get a bill passed that would get free eye exams for Oregon students.

Ella has also organized a Vision Fun Run that raised enough money for 71 pair of glasses for kids in need. “If you're trying to sit in the classroom and you can't hear anything or you can't see the blackboard, it's like really confusing,” she says. “It makes me feel good when I see people, like, get the glasses and actually see things.”

Source: KPTV

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