Jun 9 - Geezer's Blog - Donald Duck's Birthday

The Bottom Line: Fun facts about Donald Duck.

The Full Story:

  • In the 1942 film, “Donald Gets Drafted,” it was revealed that Donald's full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck. And for the record, he’s the only Disney character with an official middle
  • The worldwide popular cartoon duck is known by different names in different countries: in Italy he is called “Paperino”, in Finland “Aku Ankka”, in Denmark “Anders And” and in Saudi Arabia “Batut.”
  • Donald has appeared in more films than any other Disney character, featured in more than 178 theatrical releases compared to Mickey Mouse’s 137 movies.
  • He is the fifth most published comic book character in the world after Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Wolverine.
  • Donald has a twin sister named Thelma "Della" Duck, although she's sometimes mentioned as "Dumbella."
  • Donald doesn't have any children of his own, but he spends a lot of time in movies, TV episodes, and comic strips with his three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. One comic explains that Della was an astronaut and so she made Donald the boys' legal guardian right before she embarked on a dangerous mission to outer space
  • In order to get Donald's voice just right, the voice actor not only has to be trained, but a special microphone, called a Neumann TLM-170, has to be used. The microphone "rounds out high tones" and "smooths out" the harshness of Donald's accent.
Donald Duck


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