Jun 15 - Geezer's Blog - National Lobster Day

The Bottom Line: Fun facts about lobsters!

The Full Story:

  • There are records of full-grown lobsters measuring three feet and weighing over 40 pounds.
  • Out of 1,000 lobster eggs, only one live to grow and mature—that is a 0.1% chance!
  • Lobsters have poor eyesight.The central nervous system of a lobster is most commonly compared to a grasshopper. Each has roughly the same sized brain.
  • As lobsters grow, they molt (shell-shed) several times to form a new shell fitting the growing body size. Each molting process takes 2-4 weeks. For their first five to seven years they will molt up to 25 times a year.
  • Lobsters are able to amputate any of their appendages. They can make them just drop off. No worries though, they can regenerate them as well.
  • Lobsters cannot live in fresh water.
  • Lobsters come with different colors; all turn red when cooked because all color dyes get destroyed while cooking except the red dye.
  • Lobsters have a trait called “negligible senescence,” which means that they don’t lose reproductive capability or organ function as they age. This means that under controlled conditions lobsters could live virtually indefinitely.
  • Lobster blood is colorless until exposed to air.
National Lobster Day


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