Minot awarded more than $950,000 for levee system

The North Dakota State Water Commission has allocated $950,254 to the City of Minot to help cover the cost of repairs and upgrades to the city’s existing levee system.

Thursday’s announcement marks the first time the City of Minot has been granted these funds.

“Every year we do inspections with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on our existing levee system, and they have identified deficiencies that need to be corrected to bring the levees up to the new standards set by the Corps,” said Dan Jonasson, City of Minot Director of Public Works. “This funding allows us to continue working on our levees to ensure they comply with the standards established by the Corps.”

The levee project includes removing trees, repairing any erosion damage along the river bank and other items. The estimated cost is $2 million for the work that will be done over the next few years.

“We’re pleased that the State Water Commission takes the condition of our levee system as seriously as we do,” said Minot City Manager Tom Barry. “We have a responsibility to protect our residents, and this funding will help us maintain and upgrade a vital part of our city’s flood protection system. The state’s assistance in this important project is greatly appreciated.”

When Minot’s levees were created by the Corps, the earthen structures were built around existing trees in some locations. After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and other areas in 2005, the Corps updated its standards for levees, and is now requiring upgrades and changes to meet those standards.

“The Corps had never required us to bring our levees up to their new standards before now,” Jonasson said. “We put together a program that outlines the deficiencies in our levee system, and the Corps has approved our work plan. By getting this funding for the first time ever, we can move forward and execute our plan.”

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