July 3 - Minot Memories - Parking District #4 - Downtown Minot

Parking District #4 – Harold Gordon owned a number of properties in the area designated as Parking District #4. This is the parking lot across the street from Bremer Bank. It lies between Central Avenue on the north and 1st Avenue on the south. The west side is 1st Street SW and the east side is the alley between Main street and 1st Avenue SW. Gordon’s properties included the following businesses: The 13 Club, Northwest Sporting goods and Central Office Supply. The offer for his property was $215,000.00. Had he not accepted the property was to be acquired under eminent domain. The property became a parking lot but has since become the site of The Central Parking Ramp in Downtown Minot

Pictured is the B&B rug Store building which was part of Parking District #4 

B&B Drug Building


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