Jun 29 - Geezer's Blog - National Almond Butter Crunch Day

The Bottom Line: Learn something new about almonds.

The Full Story:

  • Almonds need really hot weather and cool winters to grow
  • They are 100% reliant on wild bees and honey bees for crop pollination. In other words: bees, no almonds
  • Almond growers rent bees for pollination and it’s one of the most costly issues for growers
  • Bees are fussy little fellows; they don’t work in the rain, at night, in the early morning, or when there’s frost
  • The immature green almond can be preserved and pickled — some consider it a delicacy
  • Of the 8 major varieties of almonds, the Nonpareil are the most prized (all have the same nutritional profile)
  • There are 98 published research papers to date (with 19 more in progress) on the health effects of almonds, in particular their effect on heart health, diabetes and weight management
  • Almonds were one of the first foods awarded a qualified health claim in the US
  • Almonds help to slow absorption of sugar and carbs
  • Recent studies show almonds eaten mid-morning can help moderate your blood sugar throughout the day.
National Almond Butter Crunch day


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