Aug 3 - Minot Memories - Minot Ship By Rail Club

Minot Ship By Rail Club – The Minot Ship By Rail Club was formed to promote the use of the railroad by the coal companies. The railroads and their employees shared in the prosperity of Minot. In 1932 to promote the railroad as the main means of transporting coal out of the area the Club came up with these statistics:In

1931 the Railroads paid $193,269.47 in taxes to the Ward County Treasury

In 1931 the Railroads paid approximately $975,000.00 in wages to Minot residents

  • In 1931 these Railroad employees paid about $150,000.00 in Ward County taxes
  • In 1931 there were over 2500 railroad employees and dependents living in Minot
  • Impressive statistics for the time
Great Northern Rail Yard - 1920's

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