Ohio Eagle Scout Helps Save Amputee

Adam Shannon was out fishing alone when he fell into Dohner Lake in Chippewa Township, Ohio. Luckily, he was only in the water for about 15 minutes and he credits his prosthetic leg and an Eagle Scout for rescuing him.

As Shannon was struggling to stay afloat, the air in his prosthetic leg helped keep him up and he grabbed his soaked phone from his pocked to call 911. He couldn’t hear them to know if the call went through, so he was yelling for help and thankfully, the Krause family was having dinner on their deck nearby and heard his cries.

Emily Krause, 14 heard Shannon and spotted him with her binoculars. So her dad and brother, Jeffrey and Matthew, took off in their boat to save the man in distress. Eagle Scout Matthew gave Shannon a life jacket and helped him cling to the boat until they got to shore. The teen doesn’t consider his family heroes, but Shannon says, “If they hadn’t been there, I really don’t know that I’d be doing this interview right now.”

SourceNews 5 Cleveland

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