Hairdresser Gives Free Makeovers To Homeless Girls

Vanessa Howard has been through a lot in her life and she’s used her experience to push her forward and to help others. She was once a homeless mother with three little girls and someone took a chance on her, so she pays it forward. Now she’s a hair salon owner who gives back to the homeless in her community.

Giving Hands Hair Salon is the salon Howard opened in Tampa, Florida and once a month she comes in on her Sunday off to give haircuts to the homeless free of charge. She also recently hosted a “Back to School Princess Party” for homeless girls ages five to 11 where they were treated to tiaras, got school supplies they needed, and were pampered in the salon.

“I know the struggle. That’s why I give so hard,” Howard explains. “I’m looking to help restore women. I’m looking to help restore children. I want them to be confident because if they’re confident they excel.”

Source: CBS News

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