Man Survives On Beer And Crackers In Desert

Mick Ohman found himself stranded in the desert mountains in Arizona with only some crackers and beer to survive on. His SUV had broken down on his way home from lunch in the nearby town of Crown King, no one knew where he was, and Google Maps sent him down a primitive road. So he was stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cell signal.

During his 48 hours in the wilderness, Ohman says he survived on half a bottle of water and a couple of beers, and admits he had never been that thirsty before. Thankfully, he found a tiny stream the second day and drank until he was nauseous. And he was fortunate to get some rain as well.

The third day, he was hiking to find help but in the midday heat, he was exhausted. That’s when his guardian angel appeared in the form of a dirt biker named Troy. Ohman hitched an hour-long ride with him to Lake Pleasant and his ordeal was over. He told Troy, “You know, today you can say you saved a life!”

Source: ABC 2 News

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