Officer Buys Clothes Shoplifter Tried To Steal

When a shoplifter in Toronto was caught stealing an outfit to wear to a job interview, the officer sent to arrest him decided to help him instead. Constable Niran Jeyanesan showed up at the Walmart ready to arrest an 18-year-old for trying to steal a dress shirt, tie, and socks.

But when the officer realized the teen was taking those things to wear to a job interview, he released him and bought the clothing for him. Jeyanesan says the young man didn’t have any resources and was trying to provide for his family by getting a job and he needed a proper outfit to do that. “I think he truly made a mistake,” he says.

And his boss has his back on the decision. “Arresting him wouldn’t have been in the best interest of anyone,” says staff sergeant Paul Bois. He adds that the officer’s kind actions reiterate their “goal of being positive role models in the community.”

Source: BBC

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