Aug 24 - Geezer's Blog - National Waffle Day

The Bottom Line: Delicious facts about waffles!

The Full Story:

  • The word waffle comes from the Dutch wafel which means “wafer.”
  • What exactly is a waffle? Leavened (that means it has yeast in it) batter or dough cooked between two metal plates of a waffle iron until it is golden-brown. The metal plates are patterned to give the waffle its characteristic size, shape and surface impression. There are many variations based on the type of waffle iron and recipe used. Waffles are eaten throughout the world, particularly in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Scandinavia and the United States, with over a dozen regional varieties in Belgium alone.
  • Waffles originated in the Middle Ages when bakeries began producing communion wafers for Church services. Obviously, they quickly left the church arena and became a popular street food.
  • The word "waffle" first appears in the English language in 1725: "Waffles. Take flower, cream..." It is directly derived from the Dutch wafel, which itself derives from the Middle Dutch wafele
  • King Charles IX of France enacted the first waffle legislation in 1560 in order to settle disputes between vendors (called oublieurs) of early waffles.
  • Eggo Waffles were first introduced in 1953.
  • During the 18th century when there were shortages of flour waffles were made out of potatoes.
  • 50% of American households eat frozen waffles.
  • Cue the applause and drooling – Americans first met the Belgian waffle at the 1962 World’s Fair. Served up by Maurice and Rose Vermersch of Belgium, Belgian waffles were topped with whipped cream and strawberries.
  • Chicken and waffles first appeared in Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 17th During this time, cooks made waffles topped with pulled chicken and gravy. In 1938, a different version of the combination appeared in Harlem, New York at the Wells Supper Club. Known as “Wells” to the regulars, this was a favorite of late night musicians who arrived too late for dinner and too early for breakfast—so chicken and waffles was the perfect compromise.
National Waffle Day


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