Shooting suspect in Minot remains at large

August 31, 2017

UPDATE: As of 12:15 PM the suspect remains at large. The victim in this case was known and targeted by the suspect. This decreases the likelihood that there is a danger to the general public since it was not a random act. The search for Figliolino is continuing. We will continue to release updates to this case as it comes available. The victim is in stable condition and still under hospital care.

The Minot Police Department responded to a shooting on Eisenhower Drive in Dakota Park South this morning at 5:56 AM. A 21 year old female was shot and has been transported to Trinity Hospital and is currently under their care.

Police have located the vehicle driven by the suspect in the shooting and have evacuated an apartment in southwest Minot. We are asking for the public to aware of the suspect in the event he is not in the apartment. 

The suspect is believed to be 19 year old Noah Figliolino. Although we don’t believe there is a direct threat to residents in Minot, Figliolino may be armed. We ask anyone who sees him to call 9-1-1 immediately and notify police of his location. DO NOT attempt to take any action.

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