Sep 15 - Geezer's Blog - National Linguine Day

The Bottom Line: September 15th is Linguine Day!

The Full Story:

September 15th is Linguine Day! Linguine (often misspelled “Linguini”) is a long, flat, narrow type of pasta. It is most commonly used in seafood or pesto dishes such as linguine alle vongole (“linguine with clams”).

Linguine, which means "little tongues" in Italian, originated in the Liguria region of Italy. Along with its cousin fettuccine, the signature linguine shape started appearing in bowls across the Liguria region of Italy around 400 years ago. Over the years, linguine has made a name for itself as the deserving starch bed for pesto and seafood, as opposed to typical red and meat-based sauces.

So take a moment to imagine you’re there at one of the local trattorias, taking in the wonderful aromas of good, hearty pasta dishes!

National Linguine Day

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