Girl Honored For Saving Mom’s Life After Car Crash

A nine-year-old girl is being recognized for being a hero because her actions helped save her mom’s life after a car wreck. Melina Lakey was only eight when she was in an accident with her parents and their SUV rolled over six times, landing on the roof.

The Girl Scout from Pendleton, Indiana had been learning about what to do in an emergency situation with her troop earlier that day. So after her dad pulled her out of the vehicle, she was able to help free her mom, who was stuck in the passenger seat. Then Melina found her mom’s phone and called 911.

She was recognized for her bravery by the Girl Scouts and has been awarded the Medal of Honor, a life-saving award.

“I couldn’t be prouder of her,” Melina’s mom, Ashley McCollum-Lakey says. “Melina and our entire family are very proud and humbled but above all else Melina deserves this.”

Source: CBS 8

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