Oct 9 - Geezer's Blog - Columbus Day & National Moldy Cheese Day

The Bottom Line: Quick facts about moldy cheese!

The Full Story:

  • It is believed cheese was made before 6000 B.C.
  • Americans consumed about 11 pounds of cheese per person back in 1970 and demand for cheese continues to “grow.”
  • In 2003, Americans consumed 31 pounds of cheese per person, according to the Economics of Food, Farming, Natural Resources and Rural America!
  • While United States is the world’s top producer of cheese, Greece and France are the leaders in cheese consumption per capita. Folks in Greece gobble up about 63 pounds of cheese per year, while the French eat about 54-pounds. Now that's a lotta cheese!
  • And what is America’s favorite cheese? Mozzarella, of course!
  • There are more than 2000 varieties of cheese available worldwide, mozzarella is the favorite around the globe, and the most consumed.
  • People of Greece are the largest consumers of cheese worldwide.
  • Approximately 10-pounds of milk is required to make one pound of cheese.
National Moldy Cheese day


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