Nov 9 -- Geezer's Blog - National Scrapple Day

The Bottom Line: November 9th is National Scrapple Day!

The Full Story:

November 9th is National Scrapple Day! Ah delicious scrapple, just like momma used to make it! Well, maybe that’s never been said before, but scrapple still deserves its day in the spotlight. For those of you who don’t know, scrapple is a combination of pork scraps, cornmeal, wheat flower, and spices.

And by the by, it dates back over 200 years ago (when Dutch colonists created it in the Philadelphia area) so in spite how nasty it may sound to some – a lot of people clearly like it! In fact, there is a chance that scrapple was the first pork food invented in America! Luckily for us, it wasn’t the last.

Scrapple can be eaten for breakfast and is served with syrup or ketchup. So whether you’re already a fan, or you’re looking to try something new, enjoy!


National Scrapple Day

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