Nov 13 - Geezer's Blog - Sadie Hawkins Day

The Bottom Line: November 13th is Sadie Hawkins Day!

The Full Story:

November 13th is Sadie Hawkins Day! This holiday originated from the “Li’l Abner” cartoon strip that was created by Al Capp in 1934. In the cartoon, the mayor of Dogpatch had to think of a creative way to marry off his unattractive daughter, so he created Sadie Hawkins Day!

On this day, the single men in the town would start running a race with a short head start. Next, all the single ladies would start running. If one of the ladies catches up to one of the men, they had to get married!

This cartoon hasn’t been in papers since this day on 1977, but you can still celebrate by reading old strips or the funny papers in today’s news!

Sadie Hawkins Day

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