Felonious Restraint

On 11-26-2017 around 0207 hours, officers responded to an address in southeast Minot for a report of a possible kidnapping of a female.

Shortly after arriving at the scene, a vehicle arrived containing three occupants, two males and one female.

The occupants of the vehicle were detained and one of the males was found to be carrying a firearm concealed in his pants.

The female was identified as the victim in the incident.

It was alleged that the 3 subjects left the bar together and the encounter was initially consensual, but when the female asked to leave, the males drover her to a gas station was threatened and a handgun was brandished by one of the males.

While returning from the gas station a patrol officer watching the area spotted the vehicle and intervened as they returned to the residence.

The investigation led to the arrest of the two males, who were identified as 27 year old Dominick Stephens and 28 year old Kendell Russell.

Both were arrested for Felonious Restraint (C. Felony).

Stephens was also arrested for an outstanding warrant through Ward County. 

They were both transported to the Ward County Jail

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