Nov 30 - Geezer's Blog - National French Toast Day

The Bottom Line: Delicious facts about french toast!

The Full Story:

  • The phrase “French toast” first appeared in print in the Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink in 1871.
  • Recipes for French toast can also be traced to Ancient Roman times. One of the original French names for this dish is le pain á la Romaine, or Roman bread.
  • Medieval recipes for French toast suggest this meal was enjoyed by the wealthy. These recipes used white bread (the very finest, most expensive bread available at the time) with the crusts cut off—something a person of meager means would be unlikely to do.
  • According to the Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, French toast does have its origins in France, where it is known as “amerite” or “pain perdu” (lost bread).
  • In Scotland, French toast is traditionally served with sausage between two slices of French toast, eaten as a sandwich. It is also sometimes eaten with ketchup in Great Britain.
National French Toast Day


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