Dec 5 - Geezer's Blog - National Repeal Day

The Bottom Line: December 5th is Repeal Day!

The Full Story:

December 5th is Repeal Day! Today is the anniversary of the day that the United States repealed the 18thAmendment, restoring the right to purchase and consume alcohol.

The 18th Amendment, which was ratified on January 16, 1919, prohibited the manufacture, sale and transportation of liquor throughout the United States. Prohibition eventually lead to widespread disrespect for the law and by 1927, there were 30,000 speakeasies in New York City alone! Soon enough many influential and respected citizens, including John D. Rockefeller Jr., came together and organized a counter movement.

The 21st Amendment ending Prohibition was ratified on December 5, 1933.

Repeal Day is a celebration of the balance of power in our country and of the individual freedom that allows each American citizen to choose whether or not to booze it up.

National Repeal Day

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