Girl, Seven, Saves Family From House Fire

When seven-year-old Tracy Durant saw her family’s stove was on fire, she thought fast and used the fire safety tips she learned at school to save her loved ones. The little girl’s cousin, 13-year-old Shemaiah was cooking when the fire broke out and because her parents weren’t home at the time, Tracy ran to a neighbors house for help.

The little girl asked to use the phone to call 911 and was able to get everyone out of the house, including Shemaiah and their 11-month-old cousin. Thankfully Tracy was paying attention at school when they taught about fire safety so she knew exactly what to do in the emergency.

Tracy says she feels happy to save her baby cousin and credits her teacher for teaching her fire safety skills. “She said one day I would be a hero,” she explains. “I wanted to start practicing now.”

Source: People

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