Jan 5 - National Chocolate Fondue Day

Today is National Chocolate Fondue Day

February 05, 2018

The Bottom Line: February 5th is National Chocolate Fondue Day!

The Full Story:

February 5th is National Chocolate Fondue Day! Although this day doesn’t warrant taking off of work, it most certainly permits a cheat-day for anyone miserably dieting. Fondue fanatics and chocoholics can celebrate their favorite snacks by grabbing a piece of their preferred choice of fruit or pastry, jab it through a stick and throw it in the chocolate.

There’s no specific reason why chocolate fondue landed it’s own celebratory day but that’s not important- did I mention fondue is considered a sex food? Either because it’s shared romantically among couples while dipping their favorite sweets in a melted volcano of chocolate aphrodisiac, or because the word “fondue” derives from the French word fondre (to melt) and everything the French say is just sexy. Maybe this national day is a plan to remind forgetful men that a specific holiday is coming up – how ironic, it falls right before Valentines Day

Either way, if there’s ever a day you need an excuse to self-indulge and you’re feeling rebellious towards your demanding gym trainer, National Chocolate Fondue Day is definitely the perfect justification!

National Chocolate Fondue Day

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