Feb 19 - Minot Memories - 1915 Minot History - Enforcing the Law

posted by Dave Lehner -

1915 Tales From Old Timers #7a – Enforcing the Law – Few serious crimes were committed that the perpetrators did not receive their just rewards. The settlers, in many cases, would take the law into their own hands. A certain farmer named Bailey, living near Minot, became envious of the worldly possessions of his neighbor, Woodruff. Woodruff was considered a wealthy man and also had a wife. Bailey decided the easiest and quickest way out the situation was to remove Woodruff, which he did. He then appropriated his neighbor’s wealth, including the wife, and attempted to leave the country. He was followed and shot by another farmer while crossing the Mouse River on a raft.

1915 History p Law Enforcement



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