Mar 12 - Geezer's Blog - National Baked Scallop Day

The Bottom Line: Quick facts about scallops.

The Full Story:

  • The word scallop comes from the French “escalope,” referring to the shell that encases the scallop.
  • Scallops belong to a group of mollusks called bivalves. Why does this sound like something in your bathroom you might have to call a plumber to fix?
  • Scallops are now a major harvest off the North Carolina and Florida shores. So you can be patriotic while you eat them!
  • Scallops can’t close their shells completely, the way mussels and oysters do. Therefore, they can only live in deep, full salinity sea water. Only the best for a scallop!
  • Scallops have approximately 60 eyes lining their mantles. So don’t try anything! I really do have eyes in the back of my head!
  • Like a tree, every ring on a scallop’s shell represents a year of its life. Scallops can also get extra rings due to particularly stressful incidents in their lives.
National Baked Scallop Day


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