Apr 9 - Geezer's Blog - National Cherish An Antique Day

The Bottom Line: April 9th is National Cherish an Antique Day! 

The Full Story:

April 9th is National Cherish an Antique Day! Do you have any dusty picture frames, vases or paintings hidden deep in your closets? Well today is the day to take them out and polish them, because it is National Cherish an Antique Day! Go grab grandpa’s old war medal and put it on display!

We all have a fascination with antiques – ever since Antiques Roadshow hit the air (first in Britain) in 1979. On the American version of the show, the most valuable find ever was a set of carved rhinoceros horn cups worth over a million dollars!

Aren’t you curious what treasures could be lurking in your attic

Cherish an Antique Day

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