Apr 18 - Geezer's Blog - National Garlic Day

The Bottom Line: Quick facts about garlic!

The Full Story:

  • Average consumption of garlic per person is believed to weigh in at around two-pounds per person. Even with just two pounds, that means eating roughly 302 cloves per person per year, as each clove typically weighs about three grams.
  • An ancient Egyptian medical document – the Ebers Papyrus – counts a stunning 22 different medicinal uses for the plant. Garlic also pops up in texts from Virgil, Pliny the Elder, Chaucer, and Galen, all of which detail its various uses and share lore about the magic plant.
  • You can make glue from garlic. The sticky juice that’s in garlic cloves is often used as an adhesive, especially for delicate projects that involve fragile items like glass. You just need to crush the cloves to get to the sticky stuff, which despite its smell, works surprisingly well as a bonding agent for smaller jobs.
  • Garlic can fix much of what ails your skin – at least as it relates to cold sores and acne. Just slice cloves in half and applying them directly to the skin. Hold it on for as long as you can stand…and the smell might not be the greatest, the antibacterial properties of the miracle plant will speed along the healing process.
National Garlic Day


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