May 14 - Geezer's Blog - National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

The Bottom Line: Delicious facts about biscuits!

The Full Story:

  • In the United Kingdom, the word “biscuit” is referred to as what we here in the United States call a “cookie.”
  • A traditional Southern U.S. biscuit originating in the 19th century, made by beating the dough with a wooden mallet for a half hour or more. Beaten biscuits are hard and crisp.
  • Mustard is a often used as a condiment on biscuits in the south, especially to accompany ham.
  • Although biscuits are made with an immense amount of butter, most people butter them up once they are done too!
  • The difference between biscuits and rolls is the leavening agent. Biscuits used baking soda while rolls use yeast.
  • As for buttermilk…originally, buttermilk was the low-fat liquid remaining after churning cream into butter. Today, depending on the level of milk fat in the product, buttermilk may be called cultured buttermilk, cultured lowfat buttermilk or cultured skim (nonfat) buttermilk.
National Buttermilk Biscuit Day


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