May 17 - Geezer's Blog - National Cherry Cobbler Day

The Bottom Line: May 17th is National Cherry Cobbler Day!

The Full Story:

May 17th is… National Cherry Cobbler Day! The United States has many cobbler recipes that refer to a variety of dishes with fruit filling. Today we celebrate the Cherry Cobbler, filled with rich fruit filling drizzling out of a biscuit dough crust –sounds delish or what?!

Back in the 19th century, pioneers of the American West had to alter recipes because of a severe lack of ingredients. Therefore, the traditional Cobbler pie was originally served as the main dish for many meals. I bet your nine-year-old self wouldn’t mind that! Celebrate on this relaxing Sunday by baking your own Cherry Cobbler, be a rebel and add a scoop of ice cream on the side - YUM!

National Cherry Cobbler Day

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