Jun 22 - Geezer's Blog - National Chocolate Eclair Day

Today is National Chocolate Éclair Day

June 22, 2018

The Bottom Line: June 22nd is National Chocolate Éclair Day!

The Full Story:

June 22nd is National Chocolate Éclair Day! Éclair is the French word for lightning. The dessert may have been named for the flash of frosting that bolts across the top, but the original connection between lightning and the pastry is unclear.

The éclair has been a fan favorite since the 1860s, and it will likely remain a stable item in bakeries for a long time. The French call the dough of the pastry “choux,” which is then baked carefully to create a hollow interior. The filling is then piped into the center, and topped off with icing.

The treat was created in France, but today people all over the world eat this delicious sweet. To celebrate National Chocolate Éclair Day, head to the local bakery and pick up one, or a dozen to snack on.

National Chocolate Eclair Day

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