Jul 12 - Geezer's Blog - National Pecan Pie Day

Today is Pecan Pie Day

July 12, 2018

The Bottom Line: July 12th is Pecan Pie Day!

The Full Story:

July 12th is Pecan Pie Day! This sweet dessert has a bit of everything, a smooth filling and a crunchy top! Traditional recipes call for roaster pecans, eggs, butter and brown sugar, but it’s always fun to mix it up. Many people add in chocolate, bourbon, or something else to finish their secret recipe!

In America, this pie is a southern classic, but like many desserts, pecan pie started in France. When the French moved to New Orleans, they began to bake the first American pecan pies. Years later, the Karo Company popularized it and added in their own special corn syrup.

Today is a great day to treat yourself to a slice of pecan pie. Go to the local bakery and pick one up, or if you are up to it, make one yourself! Top it off with some whipped cream and enjoy

National Pecan Pie Day

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