Mom’s Bad Eyesight Leads To Surprise Lottery Win

When Armando Ortiz wasn’t able to watch the Connecticut Lottery’s Cash 5 results, he asked his mom to write down the numbers for him. She wrote that he matched four of the five numbers, so he was pleased thinking he’d won $300.

But when he went in to redeem his ticket, he was in for a happy surprise. He scanned his ticket in the ticket checker, but instead of $300, it said $97,328! Armando asked the retainer for a print out of the winning numbers, to double check, and that’s when he was told he’d actually won the top prize!

"The funny thing is, my mother apologized for getting one of the numbers wrong. She wrote down 28 instead of 23,” the big winner explains. “She said she couldn't see well without her glasses on.”

Source: UPI

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