Friends Help Girl With Disability At Beach

While in Florida for a wedding, a group of old college pals from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, hit St. Pete beach for a volleyball game. Dustin Smalley and his friends were playing at the beach when they spotted a woman having trouble getting her daughter’s wheelchair across the sand.

Smalley says you could just see the mom struggling, so he and his buddies, Justin Johnson and Renal Roberts stepped up and offered to help. While two of the guys lifted the girl, who has cerebral palsy, up and brought her to the beach, the other one caught the act of kindness on video. The old friends learned the family was staying nearby and hadn’t been able to take the girl to the beach because her wheelchair doesn’t have multi-terrain capabilities.

So the young lady was delighted to get to see the sand and shore and the mother was overwhelmed by the act of kindness from these random strangers. “She was just surprised some younger gentlemen helped her out in her time of need,” Smalley explains. “It was a special moment.”

Source: CBS News

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